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We are super passionate about policy, emotional intelligence, political analysis, peace, advocacy, international policy, education and supporting the US President. And we love to find out ways we can add more intelligence and peace to all communities, not just nationally, but internationally.

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We do not support discrimination of any kind, including uneducated views, we are nonviolent and have no interest in destructive argument, personally attacking anyone or propagandizing for any gain whatsoever. Our sole agenda is to analyze what we see, hear and experience in order to gain greater understanding, expand love and win victories for humanity. We do not judge, discriminate, harass nor comply to slurs of any kind. We are for equality and justice, liberty, free constructive speech for all. We observe and uphold the 5 rights. We do not advise or tell people how to think, feel, act, behave or choose. We believe in a principled approach to life of high morals and integral values. is a unique site designed for personal growth, self-understanding and principled discovery. All information and services are used and applied at your own risk and assessed based on sound mind and decision making.

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